Detox Information

Detox Information

How to Prepare For Your Detox

The amount of preparation you will need to do before you arrive depends on which detox you are planning on undertaking.

The more preparation you put in, the better the result will be.

If you are doing one of our longer packages, you will do most of your detoxing whilst you are with us. However, with the shorter Detox Experience it is essential that you put in as much preparation as possible to help you achieve the best results and also to avoid any detox symptoms after your stay.

The most important tip we can give any client planning on undertaking a detox, is to cut out caffeine slowly. You may not even realise how much caffeine you drink as it can even be present in ‘fruit’ teas and fizzy drinks as well as tea and coffee. Cutting out caffeine too quickly can cause bad headaches which make the detox process much harder.

The last few days before your stay try as much as possible to cut down on dairy, sugar and red meat, as well as alcohol and junk food.

There is a strict no smoking policy whilst doing a detox, this is very important and you must try to adhere to it. If you feel that it may be a problem, you may want to invest in some nicotine patches or gum. Many people find that this kind of detox programme actually helps them to give up.

Also please leave your vitamins, minerals and other supplements behind; when your body is toxic, it will even treat supplements that are supposed to be doing it good as a toxin, putting more burden on your liver.

What to bring with you/Making the most of your stay

Books, magazines and any other things that you feel will help you to relax, and occupy your time when you are not having treatments. There are CD players, TVs with Freeview and DVD players in the rooms, so feel free to bring CDs and DVDs with you. There are also iDocks in all bedrooms.

Please remember that as our name suggests this is a retreat - a chance to get away from the stresses and strains of everyday life, a chance to snuggle up with a blanket in front of the fire reading a good book, or just snooze and enjoy the peace and quiet. No telephones ringing, Blackberrys or iPhones pinging emails and messages, no need to turn the TV news on or read a newspaper, unless you want to. With this in mind we ask that all guests are considerate to others, by not using mobile phones anywhere other than in your own bedroom, and not using them at all after 10.30 pm. When watching TV or listening to music in your bedrooms please keep it low as the person in the next room maybe having a snooze. We do ask that TVs and music are turned off or headphones used after 10.30 pm.

There is wifi available for guests to use, however given our location we have very slow download speeds and therefore ask guests to download any music, TV programmes or films before they arrive. It is perfectly good for checking email and web browsing, but we ask guests not to download whilst here.

We encourage every guest to make the most of the wonderful surrounding countryside, and there are organised walks as part of our programmes so please bring with you suitable footwear and clothing. There’s nothing better than a walk in the countryside and the exercise will only benefit and assist the process.

When undertaking a detox such as this you can often feel hot one minute and cold the next, so we recommend that you bring loose comfortable clothes that you can layer and relax in. We have a plentiful supply of hot water bottles, and extra blankets, so please ask if you are feeling the cold.

You may like to bring a large towel - there are towels supplied in the bedrooms but these are normal sized bath towels; if you prefer a large bath sheet please bring one or two with you.

Remember your indoor shoes such as slippers, and thick woolly socks - outdoor shoes are not allowed in the house.

Tips for when you go home

Reintroduce food slowly. Please do not leave here and tuck into a roast dinner; your body will not be able to cope with it!

We suggest that you start by eating fruit, vegetables, salads and light meals, and to limit the amount of sugar, wheat and dairy that you eat for as long as possible, preferably for the rest of the week.

It is also beneficial for you to take a probiotic supplement; we have a very high quality probiotic at the centre that you can purchase to take home with you. It is freshly made for us in small batches and is therefore as fresh as is possible. We would recommend that you take a combined probiotic, not just acidophilus. If you are looking to purchase one in advance ready for when you get home, we always recommend that you get one from a good independent health food store, who can give you personal advice on what supplement is best for you to take.

It is very important that you keep up the fluid intake of water or watered down fruit juice; this will help to alleviate any symptoms that you may experience whilst the detox process continues such as headaches, and will also aid in the removal of toxins being flushed through the system.

You may feel a little tired and fragile after such a detox and we would recommend that you do not plan anything too strenuous for the day after you leave.

You will receive a detox maintenance booklet during your stay that outlines how to maintain your detox, together with a few simple juice ideas and some detox soup recipes.

The longer you manage to stick to our guidelines, the better the results will be.

Weight Loss Q & A

How much weight do we guarantee you will loose on one of our Inch and Weight loss Programmes?
We cannot guarantee any specific amount of weight loss.

Weight loss varies from person to person. We treat all our clients as individuals, so there is no magic one fits all formula. There are many factors involved so we tend to look at things such as:- General health, how much a client would like to lose, any underlying medical conditions or medications that can cause weight gain, Hormone Imbalances, Blood Sugar or Insulin Utilisation issues that may contribute to weight gain, low metabolism and lifestyle, the list is endless.

In order to achieve the maximum weight loss during your stay with us, we highly recommend that clients partake in all of the available activities such as walking, and use all the equipment that we include in the plan on a daily basis.

Our current figures show that clients that undertook the Inch and Weight loss Plans lost on average:-
8 lbs on a five day plan*
10 lbs on a seven day plan**

How many inches do we guarantee you will loose on one of our Inch and Weight loss Programmes?
As with weight we do not guarantee any specific amount of inch loss as it varies. Detoxing by its very nature does however, encourage your body to deflate. When the body is toxic it holds onto excess water in order to protect vital organs and cells from those toxins. By removing the toxins, it encourages the body to let go of retained water and stops bloating. Toxins and oedema also slow down many of the body functions that can create a sluggish body. All of the treatments that we include - right from your very first treatment the Full Body Salt Scrub, have been formulated to encourage the elimination of toxins.

How can Simply Healing help you start to reach an achievable weight?
We ask you to fill in a Health and Well-Being Questionnaire before you come which helps to assess your weight gain issues. The questions on this will help us ascertain what kind of help you will require during your stay and which type of ongoing eating programme you may need. The one to one consultation on your first day then gives us a more in depth understanding of what we can do to help you. During this consultation we check your Weight, Blood Sugar levels and Blood Pressure which gives us an indication of which type of juices you will require. You can also request a cholesterol check for a small charge.

The Questionnaire and Consultation really do help us look at what you have done yourself to try and shift a few pounds, and importantly how you think the weight gain has occurred. It maybe that we will recommend that there are other treatments you may benefit from such as Hypnotherapy for Portion Control, or Manual Lymphatic Drainage to boost your system. We may also suggest that you would benefit from either Blood Testing to ascertain if there are any underlying hormone issues. Or a Glucose Tolerance Test to see how your body is reacting to sugar. Of course none of these are compulsory and are purely a matter of choice.

How does Simply Healing ensure that I don’t put all the weight straight back on?
Once you leave us, the rest is down to you. During your retreat with us we aim to give you the tools to help you on your way to maintaining a sensible weight maintenance regime. At the end of your stay you will receive a Maintenance Talk, with a Booklet that outlines some simple juice and soup recipes that you can take home with you that will allow you to avoid pre-packed sandwiches and other convenience foods.

How easy is the Maintenance Plan to follow?
We encourage you to take responsibility to eat healthy, and stay healthy. Our Maintenance Plan is based on the principles of keeping blood sugars stable, to avoid the knee jerk reaction to reach for the biscuits or chocolate, in order to give your energy levels a boost. It’s about eating enough food to keep you going for the task ahead of you and ensure that you have enough energy in your body to see you through to the next meal or healthy snack. We do not try and insist on the unachievable, we don’t expect anyone to forgo all treats, meals out and alcohol if they choose, but everything in moderation is key. We don’t want anyone to think that they have failed. It is not a diet it’s a food programme, which involves small changes to the way you eat and what you eat on a regular basis. Our view is, if you eat a healthy, nutritious diet for the majority of the time, then treats won’t be as much of an issue, it’s all about balance.

* based on the 184 clients that agreed to be weighed on both arrival and departure
** based on the 41 clients that agreed to be weighed on both arrival and departure