Client Testimonials
Voted Best Detox Retreat in the UK 2008 by Vogue


Below is a list of wonderful comments left by previous detox guests…

“Amazing, didn’t want to leave , ever! Recharged, clarity & relaxed. Definitely coming back soon”

RP (April 2019)

“My 2nd time – thank you for taking such good care of me – 11lbs lighter, detoxed & ready to go”

M (April 2019)

“This was my third stay at Simply Healing. I arrived feeling bloated, overweight, depressed, tired and pretty battered by life. However, 5 days later I left feeling happy, positive, revitalised, hopeful and 10lbs lighter. Viv, Kate, Carolyn and the whole team always put me back together when I arrive feeling ground down and lost. So if you're feeling you need a boost, a genuine pick-me-up this really is the only and best place to retreat and find your sparkle and mojo again.”

J S (April 2019)

“Thank you so, so much for letting us stay with you and looked after us so well, we had a great time, very, very grateful for all treatments, hospitality, and love and care we’d received in your place. Hopefully to see you again soon”

N & O (April 2019)

“Wonderful stay, I got much more than juice”

TB (March 2019)

“Opened my eyes to such care didn’t know existed”

LB (March 2019)

“I think this may have changed my life !! Can’t thank you enough”

ZW (March 2019)

“From the moment I entered this beautiful house and was welcomed by Vivien, I knew I had come to the right place to find myself again.
I can truly say that  these five days have been life changing for me. I feel rejuvenated and better than I have felt in a very long time. I knew that the Detox would help me eliminate the many toxins in my body but nothing prepared me for the detoxing of my mind and the magical effects of healing – I cannot thank you enough Vivien.
Truly, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I came away from Alliblasters with renewed energy, lighter, happier and with immense gratitude to the entire team for helping me find me, let go and believe in and love myself. Thank you !! ”

KN (February 2019)

“The Enchanting Detox Retreat... I have just returned from a 5 day Inch and Weight Loss Detox Plan - something I entered into with trepidation and visualising a harsh regime of lemon and water and a few juices daily and wishing the next 5 day’s of my life away, I knew it wasn’t going to be a “Champneys “ but I needed the “discipline” of no food or temptation to give my body the reboot it so desperately needed and I was prepared to endure these 5 days spent with like minded strangers in isolation.......I could not have been more wrong. I approached this beautiful country house in complete rural countryside . I let myself in as the porch door was open and was welcomed with a beautiful log burning fire in a homely reception hall, I felt I had just walked into someone’s home, and I was sure my Sat Nov had let me down ! Fortunately this lovely lady arrived and welcomed me by name, took my bag and showed me to my room up a very stately staircase. My room was so cosy and comfortable overlooking the garden and fields I began to feel perhaps this won’t be so bad as at least I have a lovely room with all amenities to retreat to in between juices ! I had bought books I had been wanting to read for a long time and this would be the ideal time. I was given my timetable for the various inclusive treatments and a few extra I had booked, my timetable for juices and my initial consultation with Kate to discuss my reasons for being there and have my blood pressure taken ,weight and sugar test.. I changed into the bathrobe provided and duly arrived to meet Kate. What a charming kind person she was and immediately I had a rapport with her and we discussed how to get the best out of the next 5 days. After it was time for my first juice and I made my way to the “dining room” where an amazing juice which included spinach, celery and peppers awaited me, it was like drinking nectar and slowly my mind started to allow myself that possibly this place will not have to be endured but perhaps enjoyed ! Over the next 5 days I enjoyed a gastronomic array of juices 2 hourly until 7.30 pm when a very welcome and tasty soup was provided to send you to bed. I actually enjoyed my colonics as they were helping me feel so much better combined with the treatments that all complimented each other. The therapists are true professionals, explaining everything they were doing or applying and I came away with so much knowledge. As for my lovely cosy room which I envisaged spending the days in reading my books ...well that just did not happen. The beautiful large lounge with a roaring fire and comfy sofas was irresistible and invariably there would be someone there to share a herbal tea with and have engaging conversations and laughter - It was a home from home, although a tad grander than mine, so calming and quiet - I never heard a vacuum cleaner or saw anyone cleaning, but the place was spotless, even our rooms serviced whilst we were at treatments. The amazing Vivien was very much a presence and her kindness and knowledge and stories of her life were amazing- truly a very unique and inspiring woman ....I cannot believe how lucky I was to discover this magical place. I did not want to leave, I did not miss food at all and my feeling of wellbeing together with the bonus of losing 8 lbs made me realise I never want that person I was when I arrived back in my life, and I know she will not return as I have so much knowledge and great juice recipes along with Vivien’s Words of wisdom - I have never felt so positive and forever grateful to Simply Healing. If you get the opportunity to spend a few days there, you will never regret it ”

P McH (January 2019)

“What a wonderful start to the year! I feel I have reclaimed my body.
Thank you and ‘til next time!”

CC (January 2019)

“I love coming back here. Thank you to everyone xx”

MB (January 2019)

“Thank you all for giving me back my Mojo!! Leaving feeling so much better after all the loving energy xx”

HC (January 2019)

“Most relaxing and restorative Retreat and such brilliant people xxx - Thank you!”

VH (January 2019)

“Fantastic experience! Will certainly be back – Thank you!”

EV (January 2019)

“What a wonderful start to the year! I feel I have reclaimed my body. Thank you and ‘til next time.”

CC (January 2019)

“Many thanks for the hospitality and the Retreat – we will come back.”

T & C B (December 2018)

“Fantastic experience - amongst knowledgeable and caring professionals.”

MMS (December 2018)

“What can I say – this was a life changing experience. thank you all so very much”

CDS (December 2018)

“Indescribable and absolutely wonderful!
Everyone so caring and kind. Thank you all..”

LK (December 2018)

“Wonderful, as ever. Thanks for recharging me on all fronts. See you soon!”

PH (December 2018)

“The most amazing, informative, calming, relaxing & worthwhile weekend ever !”

PJ (November2018)

“The perfect environment to Detox & De-stress.
I feel a different person after 4 days! Lovely people and guests !”

HA (November2018)

“2nd time here and again it was a lovely experience.
Everyone made our stay amazing, we feel rejuvenated, thank you”

KK (November 2018)

“Thank you all for a brilliant stay - left feeling relaxed & slimmer..”

Wendy (October 2018)

“Back again and as always a magical recuperation & feeling fabulous !!
Thanks to all for working your magic yet again xx .”

Philippa (October 2018)

“A beautiful stay once again !! I leave feeling uplifted,
cleansed emotionally , physically and spiritually. Thank you..”

Julia (October 2018)

“Wonderful as ever. This is now my annual holiday !!! xxxx.”

Patrick (September 2018)

“I feel energised and relaxed - wonderful caring atmosphere. I will be back !!.”

Carrie (September 2018)

“Fantastic break with amazing people, feel lighter already - very peaceful place.”

Sandra (September 2018)

“Simply Healing’ is ‘Simply Amazing’. We adore coming here for a recharge, there is no place like this in the world!! xxx.”

K & N (September 2018)

“Fabulous stay having achieved my goal – a great 8lb lost and a mind set for further loss & a healthier lifestyle xx.”

SK (September 2018)

“Another successful visit (4th time), I feel so cleansed inside & out as well as nurtured. Thank you.”

DM (August2018)

“Thank you so much for finding my new me !! I will stay in touch.”

EC (August 2018)

“Wow, amazing people and feel renewed on levels I can’t explain’, thank you.”

KH (July 2018)

“It provided everything I needed and more, the people are lovely, I feel relaxed & detoxed & ready to start a new life ! Thank you.”

JC (July 2018)

“My home from home, 8th time !!! – so happy here.”

JG (July 2018)

“The whole team had been enormously welcoming and couldn’t have been friendlier. Carolyn put me totally at ease during Colonics and Jamie was great. Nicky went to every effort for me to get the very most out of my abdominal sacral with reflexology and general fertility tips. Lots of practical information given by Vivien and the team.”

Sarah (June 2018)

“Everybody very friendly and always there to listen. All treatments are excellent. I do like the structure a lot and nothing is pushed down your throat !!! great experience and I will be back !!!”

Andre (June 2018)

“Feeling fresh, energised and happy.
Thank you for a wonderful, caring and cosy stay! I will come back.”

Carita (June 2018)

“The most wonderful weekend, with the most wonderful people.
I leave a new woman, cannot thank you enough !”

Emily (May 2018)

“Another blissful stay, thank you all SO much.”

Bev (May 2018)

“The best thing I have ever done. Thank you everyone xxx !!.”

Tara (April 2018)

“Thank you for getting me back on track. I loved it !!.”

Matilda (April 2018)

“Wonderful – Mission accomplished x.”

Leigh-Ann (April 2018)

“Wonderful hosts, fabulous juices, lovely therapists , thank you so much.”

GB (March 2018)

“I am a new Man, thank you !!”

JW (March 2018)

“Refreshed and renewed, mind, body & soul- great, pure essence of a Detox.”

GH (March 2018)

“Where do I start? Entered bloated and frazzled, I left 8 lbs lighter & floating on air. Thank you everyone for 100% effort to calm me & reduce me back to humanity x.”

ER (February 2018)

“First visit but not the last! Quality of treatments superb & staff amazing, thank you x.”

B A (February 2018)

“Another fabulous stay, 6th and counting ….Ready for the big world ….! x.”

VP (February 2018)

“Wonderful Week, Wonderful place & Wonderful people xx.”

PM (February 2018)

“Thank you so much for a warm, nurturing, comfortable and cosy stay. It’s been a long time since I felt this cared for and cherished, following recent traumas. 7lbs down which is also good but the mental wellbeing is the most important xx.”

CH (February 2018)

“4th visit and still perfect!!”

MC (January 2018)

“Dearest Viv and the Girls you have changed my life beyond measure. Thank you so much for everything. I will be back!! xxx.”

H.H (January 2018)

“Wow – what an eye opener! Fab staff, wonderful retreat. Feel fantastic from the inside out. Can’t wait to return. Many thanks Vivien and team!!.”

K.S (January 2018)

“Amazing staff, very helpful. Everyone works above and beyond to ensure a fabulous stay. Thank you! Xxx.”

S.R (January 2018)

“It was miles ahead of all my expectations. Xxx.”

P.M (December2017)

“Thank you everyone for making this a wonderful stay for me. I feel amazing! See you very soon..”

D.C (December2017)

“A truly special place. I feel totally rejuvenated and ready to face the world again. See you soon and thank you. Xx.”

P.H (December 2017)

“Fantastic!!! I arrived a broken, sick, stressed individual & am leaving feeling energised, well, calm, in control & knowing what changes I need to make!! The weight loss of 9 lbs was also incredible! 2nd visit so far & I’ll definitely be back!! Thank you to Vivien, Kate, Carolyn, Rachel & Team. Lots of Love xxxx”

GS (November 2017)

“Brilliant, good atmosphere, helpful, caring people, right balance of treatments and juices/supplements, treatments and ‘treaters’ universally outstanding and friendly, enjoyed my Kate ‘power walks’ in the morning.”

Matthew (November 2017)

“Back for the 2nd time, that says it all really!”

Louise (November 2017)

“Best 4 days Ive had in years, Just what I needed. Thanks mummy Viv and crew!”

Lucy (October2017)

“Wonderful place with wonderful people, feel amazing, thank you all.”

Phillipa (October 2017)

“To all of you dear, beautiful souls who have held me these past five days –
Thank you for the nurturing serenity & healing , safe rhythm you bring to each day.
The nourishing juices, soups and salads provided by the Juice Fairies have been delicious. The warmth of the fire and sense of reunion in the times spent meditating by it. For Kates companionship on are lovely walks and for the heavenly hands of Denise & the wisdom of Carolyn. Vivien, you have manifested a very special place indeed.
Thank you & blessings to everyone. P.S. see you again soon ! ”

HC (October 2017)

“Thank you to the whole team for a wonderful stay. Lovely treatments & delicious juices. Hope to see you next year!!”

Husband & Wife C & K M (September 2017)

“What a truly wonderful time I had. I’ll leave full of energy & positive thoughts ! Thank you so much”

M (September 2017)

“Wonderful kick start that I needed. Therapists were the best. Lost 8 ½ lbs ‘amazing’ feel so much better! Thank you x”

YG (August 2017)

“Feeling refreshed and full of life. Thanks so much to Vivien & the team for being so welcoming and caring. Can’t wait to continue the good work at home xxx”

SC (August 2017)

“Exquisite, Enlightening, Rejuvenating and Surrounded in Love – Thank you”

JS (August 2017)

“Life changing - wonderful experience ! ”

EM (July 2017)

“Amazing as usual - great results !”

LM (July 2017)

“The perfect retreat I will come again, thank you for everything”

LPR (July 2017)

“I wasn’t sure what to expect as I had never been on a Detox before. I had a warm welcome at the door and was led in to a warm and cosy home. That marked the beginning of a well organised, comfortable and loving journey. The treatments on offer are excellent and therapists first class. Viv and her team are relaxed and brimming with knowledge. Simply Healing is a place to come to Detox , Relax, Lose Weight and make you feel warm and cosy. I highly recommend it and will come again.”

LM (July 2017)

“Best Detox Ever !!.”

Howard Carter (June 2017)

“Amazing result !! Thank you so much Feel better and younger.”

T R (June 2017)

“Will be back !! 8 lbs gone and I feel wonderful – a fresh start. Everyone so lovely –thank you.”

L C (June 2017)

“Lost 10lbs and regained desire to put healthy, nutritious and delicious fruits and veg into my body. Fabulous treatments and lovely group of co-juicers !! Thank you all of you.”

Caroline G (April 2017)

“Met some lovely people and lost 10lbs !!
Thanks to everyone, best place in the world xxx”

Deborah H (March 2017)

“First time, but not the last !! Feeling great. Thanks.”

Graham H (March 2017)

“Hi All... Well it's been 2 months since I checked in gasping for air on our first morning walk. Just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration to get me doing the right things. Stuck religiously to zero carb high protein diet (although confess to a few gin and tonics - sorry Vivien!!) and doing plenty of exercise so getting fitter all the time. Local charity shop thought I'd died with the amount of clothes they've had. 10 bin liners so no going back now! I've lost 4 stone and 1.5 pounds to date and half way to my ultimate goal. Hope everybody is well and thanks again for your help. I'll come and see you later in the year. Best wishes”

Mick W (March 2017)

“Completely renovated”

Steve H (February 2017)

“1st time of many – an interesting well worth taking journey – for your mind, body and your general wellness, absolutely fabulous . Loved it”

Kelly B (February 2017)

“2nd time here and loved it just as much, met some fabulous people & lost 5kg on The 5 Day Inch & Weight Loss programme. I’m sure I’ll be back. Lost over 41kg since being here last June (over 6 months) and I can honestly say that being here was a the start of my journey! My journey to losing weight and clean eating”

Allison G (February 2017)

“3rd time back here and I can honestly say it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I feel recharged, relaxed and my skin is glowing (I lost a few pounds too!) Thank you to everyone!”

K. (January 2017)

“Thank you so much. I had a wonderful time and feel so much lighter and brighter, losing weight is a real bonus but it’s the energy and clarity of thought that I value the most.”

C. (January 2017)

“Enjoyable and educational stay in a lovely caring environment, excellent treatments and great advise on staying clean. Feel purposeful, fresh and happy as a result. Thank you”

Alex (January 2017)

“Fell in the door feeling awful ran out of the door feeling great!!!!”

H (January 2017)

“Ive had an AMAZING week!! This is my first ever detox retreat and I have LOVED it….Thank you for the care and kindness. The therapists are all excellent, the juices and soups are delicious; the rooms are cosy and the whole experience has recharged and focused me, Im leaving 11lbs lighter, inspired to be healthy and have managed to “let go” of some uncomfortable emotions. Thank-you to everyone!!!”

C (January 2017)

“This is such a special experience, who new detoxing would be such fun”

G.G (December 2016)

“My goodness, what an absolutely amazing experience. I feel so blessed that the universe chose to put me in your care for my Detox!!
It has been a wonderful and a real privilege the warmth you and Kate give off is so incredibly special, anyone is fortunate if they are lucky enough walk through your door!
Vivien thank you so much for helping me to see the right path (you are a one in a lifetime gem) and I am so happy to have met you all. All my love”

S (November 2016)

“How did I ever survive without this place? 13 inches and 8lbs in 5 days does not come close to speaking for the impact of Viv’s wonderful program, team and home. An invaluable experience that is to be treasured and repeated. Love xxx”

N.S (October 2016)

“OMG – feeling great + lighter after a fantastic week. Great team + fabulous group. Wonderful treatments. Thanks to everyone xx ”

Emma (October 2016)

“I greatly enjoyed the experience of being at your retreat. The juices were delicious, I never felt very hungry at all throughout my stay. Everything to do with timing was well thought through and your staff were superb. I was at the airport lounge for five hours and didn't even feel hungry (had soup without bread!)
Thanks very much again for making it such a pleasurable and refreshing experience. I would certainly attend again in future. ”

Mo (October 2016)

“A delight to return for the third time and a huge bonus to be 9 pound lighter! Feel amazing!! Thank you for a wonderful stay, your hospitality is second to none, the house, grounds stunning and the whole experience beyond expectation including, therapies, staff and juices. Look forward to seeing you again soon.”

Paula (August 2016)

“My 3rd visit in 6 months, but I have as a result lost 1st 5lbs and 18 inches plus look and feel a million !! All thanks to super star Vivien and her incredible team !!! Unique in the world an absolute oasis – Thank you everyone – Love to all.”

JD (August 2016)

“Thank you so much to Viv, Kate and the fab team. After the 5 Day Ultimate Detox I had lost 11lbs and felt so much better. Thanks for all your support and guidance. You have an amazing retreat here for a complete healing process. Unique ! see you all soon and keep up the amazing work !!”

JS (April 2016)

“Awesome, lost 1 stone 1 lb in 7 days, I will be back”

JF (April 2016)

Thank You Card scan from J - April 2016

J (April 2016)

“Dear Vivien and team

An amazing 11lbs I lost at the end of my Detox week with yourselves. 2 weeks later still maintaining along with a further 2 Ilbs loss

Every day now involves a freshly squeezed juice in the morning, just the right tonic to get the day off to a good start. Sleeping better, more focussed and exercise regularly.

Fully reinvigorated ...Thank you all so much.

PS Hubby Sat is also still maintaining his 6Lb lost.

Will definitely be back next year”

Sharan x (March 2016)

“What can we say we leave feeling fresh, vibrant and alive and also leave with many new friends, great atmosphere and we have thoroughly enjoyed it, most of all meeting Vivien ”

Karen & Laura (February 2016)

“Wonderful !! I feel cleansed, and relaxed, great people, lovely cosy home. Thanks I will be back. ”

Hana (February 2016)

“A real retreat of body & mind fantastic treatments, thank you team”

Beverley (January 2016)

“Fantastic place - fantastic results - will be back ”

Sue (January 2016)

“This was an amazing experience everyone was so kind, supporting and fun. I learnt so much and have come away feeling much stronger and happier. Viv and Kate you are super stars !!! ”

Estelle (September 2015)

“A life changing experience. A house that hugs, warm, welcoming professionals, beautiful room, simple, clear, routine, secure environment. Never a doubt it will work; goals will be met and results will be on-going. What happens here cannot be explained by mere words and it remains to be seen if others will understand on "the outside".
Viv and Kate you know how special you are. You have set me on a journey, the beginning of which has brought me a peace, excitement and sense of purpose the like of which I have not felt in a very long time. I am a long way from home but there are glimpses of the path and I am no longer lost.
Mentions please for Layla who has me hysterical with laughter, Nikki and her magic touch, Natalie who must be recaptured and to the very special Carolyn who not only exudes "goodness" but gave me an education above and beyond. Thank you all. ”

Lynda (January 2016)

“I came as a bit of a sceptic but I leave as a convert, Viv, Kate and all the girls, the treatments, fabulous juices and all the friendships that will go on after the magic of ‘Simply Healing’, thank you”

Jane (September 2015)

“This was an amazing experience everyone was so kind, supporting and fun. I learnt so much and have come away feeling much stronger and happier. Viv and Kate you are super stars !!! ”

Estelle (September 2015)

“We both a had a wonderful time lost lots and lots of weight, got our blood sugar down how good is that !!! in the words of General Macarthur we shall return . Keep up the good work, thank you for your expertise and professionalism.”

Michael & Jenny from Australia (August 2015)

“I can’t find the word to explain how amazing and life changing my week has been, thank you, thank you !!!”

Jennifer (August 2015)

“It’s definitely a life transforming week, met great friends and enjoyed the serenity and beauty of the house and surrounding areas.”

Alison from Houston Texas (July 2015)

“Hi Everyone, I hope my email finds everyone well and happy. I needed to write to tell you about my life since I left Simply Healing. Early this morning I visited my mother. We've always had a very difficult and tense relationship, unable to talk, listen and enjoy one another's company. There was always such resentment, frustration, anger and confusion between us. For many years I felt betrayed by her and unloved.
At Simply Healing I had the most amazing healing experience with Viv. This may all seem cheesy but this is what truly happened. During my healing, years of anger, hurt, shame and confusion were replaced with feelings of light, understanding, compassion, forgiveness, tenderness and love. I was filled with good feelings till I was bursting. For many years I had received therapy and as a clinician knew theories and treatment methods but something very special happened at Simply Healing that changed my life. Viv spoke with me, listened and understand instantly my struggle and pain, and through her healing something very deep shifted. I'm not a young woman and I thought I was well beyond change of this kind but it happened, I left Simply Healing a different woman.
Today for the first time that I can remember I was able to sit with my mother and talk with her, woman to woman. The room was filled with love and honest emotional connection. I told her that I forgave her, my father and my uncle and I said this not just from my head but from my heart and soul. I meant it. I told her how free and new I felt.
She said she was sorry for all that had happened when I was a child and how burdened she was with the past, how regretful she felt and that she had an ache in her chest, near her heart, that wouldn't go away. I held her and told her that I understood her choices, that I fully forgave her and loved her and I meant it. I said that if I could share this wonderful new feeling, this gift I have inside me, I would. We hugged one another on her doorstep and I said bye and headed home. For years my mother and I hadn't been able to listen and talk with one another without anger getting in the way but today we crossed a bridge. Today we laughed and cried together.
I want to thank Viv, Kate, Carolyn, Helen, Florence, Natalie, April and all the other very special souls who work at Simply Healing. Each therapist (and the Cleaner whose name I can't remember) without exception taught me something important, gave me a pearl of wisdom and I have come away feeling stronger, grounded, lighter, braver, positive and hopeful about my future. I actually like myself. Ha. Yes, I'm okay. In fact, I'm more than okay, I feel great. I'm on my journey and the future (for the first time in years) looks great and to add to my amazing experience I also lost 10 lbs in weight. Thank you so very much, Big hug, Jacquelyn xx ”

Jacquelyn (May 2015)

“Thank you so much for an amazing time feel like a new man,
looking forward to seeing you all again ”

Dan (Spring 2015)

“One of the best experiences of my life, feel like a new person,
will definitely return when the stresses of life gets too much”

Cerys (Spring2015)

“An excellent experience in every way the quality and professionalism stood out,
it is an old house with character and a welcoming atmosphere. I will return”

Steve (Spring2015)

“Amazing on every level, mind , body and spirit, arrived with ME fatigue, night sweats, joint pains, left full of energy, no night sweats, much lighter but more importantly the right knowledge to continue my toxin free life. All the staff are fantastic look forward to coming back.”

Tina (Spring2015)

“Here again, on my return visit and it hasn’t disappointed, truly delicious juices and soups , comfortable stylish rooms, lovely walks and the best treatments ever !!! Leaving ready to take up my life again with renewed energy. Thank you Vivien and all the team”

Lesley (Spring2015)

“I didn’t want to leave, yet but guess reality awaits... I have had a fantastic time and a big thank you to all of you for making this an escaped from everyday life.
I feel so much better and lighter!! Thank you”

Berit (September 2014)

“We will fly again and again to stay with all of you and feel part of your fantastic team. Thanks to ‘Mumma’ Viv who shakes us ‘inside out’ and to the fantastic practitioners, we promise to spread the word and thank you for teaching us how to change our lives for the better”

Katerina and Enrico (August 2014)

“Walking on air, great experience, lovely team will be back.”

Noel and Janet (July 2014)

“I never thought a Juice Detox could be so much fun,
thank you Vivien and the whole team I’ll be back.”

Barbara S (July 2014)

“Wasn’t sure what to expect ? a little anxious but have loved everything about the programme, the place and the people, I will definitely be back.”

Carol E (July 2014)

“I had the most amazing five days leaving lighter, brighter, fresher calmer and certainly happier thank you Viv and the entire team for a wonderful experience I will surely spread the word and be back again, thank you so much…”

Monsurat (May 2014)

“So good to have a positive experience at my first Detox Retreat thanks to the ‘Simply Healing’ Retreats team, delicious juices and soups, great company, amazing results and wonderful staff, thank you so much...”

Sasha (May 2014)

“This is the best place… warm, nurturing, informative … and it works. Feel better, lighter, calmer and relaxed.
Thank you to the completely fabulous team … I will be back !!”

Susan M (May 2014)

“Second trip and just as fabulous as the first, thank you Vivien and all the team”

Jennifer J (April 2014)

“Second trip too!!! and very relaxing stay with good results, thank you.”

Catherine H (April 2014)

“Thank you for an unforgettable five days stay,feeling clean and ready to finally look after my body as it deserves.”

Kim N (March 2014)

“An amazing stay, exceeded all expectations in every way. I can’t recommend ‘Simply Healing’ enough. Thank you Vivien and the team for everything”

Helen K (March 2014)

“The most wonderful place, I came tired and stressed and feel amazing.
Love this place and will be back ”

Polly W (March 2014)

“I came here tired low and in need of being in my body and I leave feeling refreshed, happy and ready to take on life back in London. Thank you so so much. I will be coming next Spring for sure . You were all wonderful xxxx ”

Abigail W (March 2014)

“I’m a 35 year old man the experience here has been amazing, I’ve lowered my cholesterol lost 5kg in weight and have a lot more energy. This place is truly one of a kind, would come back again the near future”

Ned S (February 2014)

“Fantastic again, 48 inches lost with the Detox Wraps, fab for water retention and middle aged spread. I feel confident, rested and ready to take on my daily life again. Thank you team Vivien xxx”

Lesley P (February 2014)

“Thank you so much for making me feel so at home with you. It made it so easy to relax into a week of detox. The week was a little hard but luckily I did not suffer too many side effects of the cleanse. There was a great group of us and the week was filled with much fun + laughter and oh so much 'Poo' talk :-)
Your team are amazing and all have that special knack of making you feel so at ease and nurtured throughout the week. Your home/retreat is amazing, I will thoroughly recommend you to friends and will be back next January for a Weight Loss Detox and also start a 3 day one in the summer.
I am pleased I found you, and Viv - you are truly one amazing fun loving lady - so pleased to have met you.”

With love Debbie (January 2014)

“Vivien, Kate; Thank you so much for changing my lifestyle. I will always love you for that :-)”

P.C (Norway) (January 2014)

“Thank you for a wonderful experience! I totally got what I wanted. Lots of rest, sleep and cleansing of the body.
All the staff and therapists are lovely, warm and friendly too!
Loved all my treatments, which were excellent! :-)
On top of that, I've learned so much about our bodies and will build on an even healthier lifestyle which will include raw veggie juices and all the other invaluable suggestions and advice I've received from the therapists.
Thank you again and my God bless you all!
ps. Viv, your juices were a delight! Kate, thank you for the fabulous walks in the morning.”

Erika xx(January 2014)

“Yes, I am a man !!! and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole Detox experience, thank you.”

David(January 2014)

“Viv, Kate, what a fabulous way to end what has been a challenging year it has been a truly memorable and uplifting experience.
Thank you for a wonderful few days and I will definitely be back.”

Love Nicky (December 2013)

“Dear Viv and team, just to say thank you so much for my stay at your retreat. It was the best decision I had made in sometime!!!!! From the lovely, safe warm welcome I received, to my beautiful room, amazing treatments and delicious juices. I would like to say a special thank you to Kate for her mind clearing walks every morning and to Aor with her magic hands, but everyone I encountered were truly lovely and ready with so much advice to take home! I have waited a month to reply because I wanted to see from how well I felt when I left, to how I feel now. Here is my testimonial for you.....

After years of feeling unwell and various operations, I knew I had to take serious action with my body unless I wanted to continue making myself ill. My main op had involved stomach surgery. I felt so much better after this and was sent away and told to follow a very strict pattern of eating to maintain this good health. For two years I did just this and then after another operation and other life events I fell well and truly of the food wagon grabbing everything with me as I fell!!!!! Having never had weight issues as a child or adult before, even managing to lose baby weight after two pregnancies, I arrived at the age of 40 last March looking in the mirror every day at an ever increasing stranger. As the months past and various drastic attempts to lose weight from personal training sessions to protein shakes, the bloated ageing face and body were still staring back at me! I was doing everything to my body I shouldn't be! I was angry with it!!!! Why was it not behaving like it used to?! I excepted that at 40, two children and various operations had had there effect but this was not the issue. I HAD HAD enough!!!!!

Early November 2013 I decided to take action. I knew my body was supposed to be fed a predominantly liquid or soft, clean diet for my stomach to function at it's best. I thought I needed a serious detox. I don't drink, but at a very bloated size 14 I knew this was not how I should look or want to be. After lots of research on the Internet I decided the Simply Healing Detox retreat was the right place for me. Many retreats came with boot camp style packages etc but I knew I needed time out and peace and quiet to re-set myself. It was a big decision to leave my husband and two children for the 7 day retreat, but the right one.

From the moment Viv opened the door to me I knew I was in the right place. I felt safe and warm. I was shown to my room, the beautiful blue room, and left to settle in.... The programme over the next week was very clearly laid out, timing juices, treatments etc to perfection. Everything felt like it had been very carefully planned out to get the very most out of my stay.

Each morning started with a walk after a cup of hot water and lemon (my new morning staple!) in the beautiful countryside guided by the lovely Kate, who was so interesting to listen and speak to. The rest of the day was then filled with lovely treatments (the lymphatic drainage massage being my favourite) and an amazing variation of fruit and vegetable juices throughout the day! Absolutely delicious, even the green ones! The day ended then with a meditation session (why was I so sceptical) that totally cleared the mind of stress and replaced it with amazing clarity followed by a yummy soup or broth. Talking of clarity..... I have to at this point mention the colonics. I had 4 during my stay. Never have I done something that has had such a beneficial effect on me physically or mentally!!! The week before I came to the retreat my GP had told me my bowel was very impacted and in spasm. I looked grey, bloated and toxic! The physical release of all that old toxic matter in my body was the most mentally clearing experience for me also. I cannot believe I did not do this sooner!!!!! This process and feeling instantly better and more relief, experiencing a physical high, after them helped me to think of my body in a totally different way. Seeing all that old matter released why had I been angry with my body and punishing it. Instead of being angry at it for the meningitis, stomach op, gynae op etc, I realised I should be treating it like a goddess!!!! It was a strong body that had survived meningitis and my stomach operation and related problems. Given birth to two big, strong healthy daughters. I should be loving this body!!!!!! Yes, it's a bit battered round the edges but it is deserves to be treated with love and respect.

I walked out of the retreat not only just over a stone lighter but mentally clearer and happier than I had felt in years. I can honestly say I think it showed in my face. I have had lots of comments how much younger I looked, that my skin looks better and that my eyes are clear and sparkly!

At this point I would like to mention that all the people working at the retreat I came in contact with we're amazing. All so lovely and thoughtful and I returned with a mental notebook full of advice. Also, I was truly lucky to spend my retreat with the the loveliest ladies. We were all there for different reasons but we bonded so well and they really helped me get through my time there. I wish them all the very best with their futures. Well.... That was one month ago and the Christmas holidays were looming. I LOVE Christmas and having my children at home for the holidays. I was so pleased I detoxed before the holidays as I hate to think how I would feel now otherwise!!!! I have continued to lose weight. Nearly another stone gone, become a juice addict (love my juicer!!!!), have realised how accommodating family and friends are if you explain your dietary needs in advance of their dinner parties and get togethers, 2014 will be the year of yoga, Pilates, swimming and calm instead of being shouted at in loud, aggressive exercise classes or pt sessions and that I am stronger and more determined than I ever thought I could be to look after me! Now I know the Simply Healing Retreat is there I have nothing to fear as I know I can always return if I need a hand to keep on the right path again and to NEVER feel again how I did when I first arrived there.
I wish you all at the retreat a very happy and healthy 2014. Thank you!!!! B W xx”

B W (January 2014)

“Diane Priestley came to stay with us recently and posted this lovely testimonial.”

(September 2013)
Click here to view Diane’s online article.

“When I came to Simply Healing I was exhausted. I had been caring for a family member through an illness for a few years and not only was my body giving up on me but I had completely lost myself in the process. I knew when speaking to Vivien on the phone that the place was to be my magic tonic and I was not wrong. There were 'signs' dotted all around the first day I was there that confirmed I had made the right choice to come. All the staff act so beautifully as a team, even the gorgeous cleaner noticed I was struggling to sleep and left camomile tea in my room for me that night. They are all there to help each other and therefore help you to their best ability. You feel very well cared for and nurtured and are in awe of there amazing skin!!!
There was just enough planned in the day for me with treatments to fill my timetable along with the seriously tasty juices. Never did I have the same one twice in the 7 days I was there. Different glasses were even used to stimulate the taste buds and make them feel special. All staff had so much advice to give when I asked any questions. So knowledgeable about the detox process. The nutritionist clearly was hugely intelligent and embraced her career to the full. No food matters had been missed in all her extensive training. Her talk was full to the brim with useful tips so I booked to see her and came away with the most wonderful program for myself to keep me lifted and in a positive place moving forward. It has even got me off anti-depressants.
I had always been reluctant to have hypnotherapy before but it was on offer and I totally trusted the team so went for it! It was incredible. I came out smiling from ear to ear which I don't think I had ever done in my whole life. I called my husband afterwards and he said I even sounded different!! Vivien is a truly talented healer. Everything she said in our session was spot on and I have put it all into practice since coming home. I am a changed person now, much more positive and fun loving. That is something my life situation at home had swamped. All the therapists had a gorgeous touch and Kate and Carolyn were so welcoming and kind.
I wasn't there for a weight loss type detox but certainly a mind one and it certainly achieved that. The concept of detoxing the body and mind made more and more sense the longer I was there (and the vivid dreams I had every night!!). I had so many thought processes that weren't serving me anymore and the illness at home was less impactful and had improved but I just hadn't moved on with it. I was stuck. The time at Simply Healing certainly helped me to do that and I will be forever grateful.
Two weeks since leaving, I have come up with a business concept that I will follow through this time with my new found confidence and I have just had my last counselling session. My children see that I am different and my husband loves the 'new' person that I am. I have a glow inside that nothing seems to put out and I am protective of it so don't let rubbish in anymore. I am having juices every day and they feel like a powerful fuel to my body cells each time I have one.
Thank you so much to all of you. I plan on coming back every year just to indulge in the goodness!!.”

Caroline B (July 2013)

“At 36 years old, my life was as pretty much as close to perfect as it could get. I have an amazing husband, terrific friends, a house full of animals, a fantastic job and a great social life. I have no major worries or concerns and certainly nothing to complain about. I just couldn’t understand why, under such fortunate circumstances, I felt so exhausted all the time. Yes, I work long hours and am constantly on call, and my life is pretty busy. We have also had some challenges over the last few years that we have successfully navigated our way through but nothing that would justify me feeling the way that I had started to feel.

Gradually, over a number of years, my headaches had got worse to such an extent where I had a headache every day. My stomach and digestive system was shot to bits with daily nausea, sickness and an endless round of constipation and diarrhoea. I was tired; all the time, regularly falling asleep during the day at random times and could not sleep at night, however, all of this for me was okay and manageable. I told myself that it was normal and that I just needed a break and a holiday and didn’t even notice the progression. In my mind, it was simply burn-out.
My mood swings were unbearable, I felt like I was permanently under a woollen blanket and unable to concentrate, my memory was failing. I began to think that I was going mad. Again, I told myself that it was normal. Just a little bit of stress and tiredness and nothing a holiday wouldn’t solve. I managed my symptoms with an endless round of pain killers, stomach pills, anti-depressants, sleeping pills and alcohol and just kept going genuinely thinking that I was okay. No time to be ill and admit defeat… I am made of tougher stuff than that!
The next phase was slightly scarier. I was struggling to walk any great distance without having a hot flush, sweating, coughing and feeling faint. It was hugely embarrassing! I had a permanent cold in my nose and didn’t go anywhere without a box of tissues. Then I started to swell, or bloat. My husband noticed it first. He commented that I didn’t eat enough to be getting fat, but my face and body was swelling and bloating on a daily basis. I looked awful. I was permanently cold and shivering and could barely bring myself to get out of bed as I was so exhausted all of the time. I looked like I was on a heavy dose of steroids even though my Vegan diet could not have caused the type of weight gain I was experiencing. The worse I looked, the more awful I felt and the cycle continued. The more awful I felt, the more medication I took, and then for three months, my periods stopped completely. It was at this point my husband intervened and insisted that I do something telling me that there was something seriously wrong with me.
I was convinced beyond all shadow of a doubt that there was nothing wrong with me, that it was just burn-out, stress and tiredness, and that I needed a bit of a break, so the simple solution was to book a holiday. My husband was unable to get time off work, so it would be a holiday for one, which was not an appealing prospect for me. He was also not entirely convinced that a holiday would do the trick and fix all of the physical problems that I was experiencing. I made the decision that if I was going to have a break without him, it would have to be something that I could do on my own that would keep me occupied, and be something that he would never do. I started to Google ‘retreat’ and the first option that came up was Simply Healing.
I read the website with interest, a detox and weight loss retreat. The concept didn’t tick the boxes for me as I didn’t particularly want to detox, or lose weight – I just wanted to chill out for a bit, however the place looked gorgeous and there were lots of beautiful treatments on offer. I wasn’t too fussed about the weight loss element as when I am in a good frame of mind I can get any excess weight off myself very easily, but if a week away resulted in me losing a few pounds then that couldn’t be a bad thing. I called the retreat and booked myself in for 7-days.
I was petrified…. My husband insisted that if I was going to do this, then I would have to do it properly. My laptop, iPad, iPhone and Blackberry were banned. I was permitted one old phone with only his number on it in case of emergencies. It really was cold turkey for me and I had no idea what I was walking into. My husband dropped me off at the front door, and in I went having no idea what to expect.
I received a hugely warm welcome, and there was no denying that there was an amazing calming energy about the place. Viv showed me to my room, which was gorgeous and overlooked a stunning view of the grounds. I sat down and considered my itinerary. An endless round of juice and treatments, followed by soup in the evening. Quite intimidating. I told myself to ‘man up’ and get on with it, it would do me good, and I ventured downstairs to meet the other ‘inmates’ for the first juice of the day. Well was I in for a surprise or what? A group of roughly 6-8 women, all different ages and sizes and all with a variety of different reasons for being there… many returning for a second or third visit. As I listened to the stories around the table I realised that it was going to be okay and that these were a group of lovely people. I was amazed… I don’t play nicely with others, (particularly not women), and yet the group gelled and got on really well. There was no judgement, animosity, back-biting or bitching and I was even fortunate enough to make a couple of really close friendships over the week, which was totally unexpected!
What followed over the subsequent 7-days was life changing. I learned that everything that was wrong with me physically was not ‘normal’ as I had thought, and was not a result of stress and exhaustion and my state of mind…. I was physically unwell. I had been pumping my system with the wrong food and drink, coupled with excessive medication and alcohol over so many years and to such an extent that my system was just plain exhausted and giving up on me, hence my periods stopping! A blinding glimpse of the obvious…. Suddenly it all made sense!
As the week progressed I began to enjoy and look forward to the juices and soups, and revelled in the novelty of waking up feeling well and not having a headache. I was not hungry, and I did not miss solid food at all. I had more energy than I can ever remember having! The more treatments I had, and the more time that passed the better I felt. It was such a huge relief to know that what had been wrong was not a result of my state of mind, but as a result of the way I had been treating myself physically, and could all be repaired.
I soaked everything up like a sponge and did everything that I was advised to do. I booked a Nutritional Consultation so that I had something in writing to follow and guide me when I left as I was determined not to go back to the way I was before. I was determined to start taking care of myself, in addition to making amends to my husband for everything that he has had to put up with from me over the years. I had no idea how bad I had got until the fog started to clear and suddenly, the harsh reality hit that I had been sickly and horrible to live with for ages! He has the patience of a Saint.
I have been ‘out’ for just over a week now and have maintained the juice and soup diet for the time being, along with taking all of the supplements recommended. I am much more productive at work and have seriously slowed down on the amount of hours that I put in…. the business hasn’t suffered, and no one has complained as everything is still being done! I am still feeling great and have boundless amounts of energy… not only that, I look and feel so much better having lost a grand total of 11lbs in the week that I was there!
I genuinely believe that Simply Healing saved my life. Everything has changed for the better as a result of me being there, and whilst I thought before that my life was as close to perfect as it could get, putting a visit to Simply Healing into my journey has shown me the importance of taking care of my physical wellbeing (not just my mental wellbeing), and as a result, my life really is now perfect. I owe the Simply Healing team a debt of gratitude for giving me back to me..”

Clair D (July 2013)

“Dear Vivien, I would like to thank you and all at Simply Healing for helping me to de-stress and detox last week. The atmosphere at Alliblaster House is warm and welcoming. Your juices and soups were delicious – even the potassium broth! I’m not sure if your scales are working properly though, as when I got home I had not lost four pounds, but half a stone!
I have also contributed a blog post about my visit. Once again, many thanks for a healthy, relaxing and healing week.”

Susan (April 2013)
Click here to view Susans’s online blog article.

“When I arrived at Simply Healing, I thought NO-ONE could help me. I felt bloated, tired and burnt out. With the help from Vivien and her fantastic staff, within two days, I was a new person. My mind had quietened and my health complaints were on the way out. Surprisingly I also wasn’t hungry and was really excited to be juicing for another three days. The juices were really tasty and you could feel the health benefits straight away.
As a journalist, I've been on lots of detox retreats and spa breaks but this is the best by far. As soon as you walk through the door, you are pampered and looked after by knowledgable staff with hearts of gold.
Thank you!”

Lucy M (April 2013)

“A good clean out of everything !! Lost inches too, thank you.”

Sue (April 2013)

“You’re all in for a treat, amazing Detox!”

Anna (April 2013)

“Fantastic week, exceeded my expectations, wonderful juices, fabulous therapists and amazing Viv presiding over it all to ensure everything runs perfectly.
Feel detoxed in mind body and spirit. Lost 11 pounds, will be back :)”

Sue (January 2013)

“Can’t put it into words how amazing this place is! Healing, peace, care and lots of love, long may you last. A big thank you to all, much love”

Sarah (January 2013)

“I never imagined it was possible to live off juices and soup and not get hungry. Thank you for teaching me so much. You have got the formula right and gathered all the right people here - my search I over! I will be back”

Sarah (January 2013)

“An extraordinary, dare I say it, life changing experience that will live on in the memory! Simply Healing is a truly one off!”

Noah (January 2013)
Click here to view Noah’s experience at Simply Healing.

“Wonderful, relaxing, cleansing, healing. Learnt so much on many different levels, thank you Vivien, Kate and a wonderful team!

Hillary (February 2013)

“Wonderful thank you :) lost a stone, feel great, will return!”

Matt (February 2013)

“12 pounds lost in 5 days, wow! I leave lightened in mind and spirit, priceless. See you all again soon.”

Lesley (March 2013)

“Dear Vivien and the whole Simply Healing team
Thank you for a wonderful, life-enhancing stay in your beautiful house. I enjoyed it enormously - the company was good, the rooms were so comfortable, the fireside cosy, the walks led by Kate beautiful and exhilarating. All the treatments I had - wraps, facials, massages, foot attention and the very enlightening and helpful session with Viv - were just great. It’s so good to be cocooned and looked after. I shall definitely be back. As for the wonderful Barn Owl in residence - he knows a good spot when he sees one! I am amazingly un-hungry! Love, Edwina”

Edwina (March 2013)

“Well I am feeling like a new me!
I have visited Simply Healing every year for the last six years and it never ceases to amaze me.
The feeling of serenity from the moment you enter the house is amazing. Vivien’s love and healing shines through.
This is a Detox retreat and not really to be likened to a fluffy dressing gowned Spa. The purpose of such a retreat is to rid your body of toxins and rejuvenate your body inside and out. This begins with freshly made juices every 2 hours each made to provide different essential vitamins and minerals and for their antioxidant properties etc.
There are then many complimentary therapies to choose from. Some are of course included in your package and the rest are up to you but guidance is given if requested.
Many of the therapies work long after you leave the treatment room, such as the Detox Fitness Wrap which remains active for up to 15 hours (so best not to shower!) The therapists are trained to the highest standard and they are very aware of the body and its health or lack of.
There are many beautiful rooms and I have been lucky enough to stay in all of them from the Gold to the Blue and on my last visit the Orange Room.
It was once again the most amazing experience and a definite must for those interested in the best possible rejuvenation inside and out.”

LM (September 2012)

Colonic Hydrotherapy at Simply Healing
“...Everyone should have one. I have increased energy levels, my immune system is far more effective, joint and muscle aches have mostly disappeared. My stomach is no longer bloated.
I nearly didn't go through with it (tube issues) - I am glad I did, the health benefits far outweigh the tube stigma and my male ego. The staff were friendly and professional and made me feel at ease. Don’t take my word for it, do your own research, this has been an effective health treatment for me...”

TIM WALLACE (May 2012)

“Dear Vivien, where can I start... what an amazing life changingly incredible stay! I have not stopped talking about you all and I'm now your biggest fan and salesperson for detox! I came to stay very overweight and miserable and left so positive and happy and 13lbs lighter!
A miracle in such a short time. You have such a magical home, it makes you feel loved and nurtured and with all your truly amazing therapists you offer something a world away from the commercial spas and detox places. Its a secret gem that you want to tell everyone about but also not tell everyone about, some people get it and some people don’t. I completely loved it, it’s now a place I will return to when I feel out of sync and in need of a service or MOT!
A huge big thank you to you all and I’ve made some amazing new friends too!!!
Huge hugs and love Vx”

V (from Galloway) March 2012

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. Can’t tell you how much I needed this! Your lovely house, your lovely people. Was a caterpillar but with your cocoon left feeling a monarch butterfly!”

VP (April 2011)

“The greatest benefit juice fasting gave me was increased energy levels, rejuvenation and regeneration (as well as some gratefully received weight loss!) I wanted to rapidly repair the damage to myself from the past and allow my body to repair itself. I was able to be intensely nourished by the juices and my organs given a much needed rest from being overloaded and working overtime trying to correct and eliminate toxins.”


“Magic place, amazing people, 5 days I won’t forget, will see you all again! Keep up the great work guys. Many, many thanks.”


“Just want to say thank you for sorting me out - came broken and left fixed. Can’t thank you enough. I will be back”


“Magical, inspiring and enlightening, an amazing group of people to nurture and soothe. Vivien ...well, she has to be experienced to be believed”


“Wow! Feel fantastic what a great start Vivien. Just the tonic to get things moving, whole staff wonderful. See you all again soon. Love”


“Oh, words fail me, but will try to express ... The pampering, nurturing and camaraderie, the treatments, the lovely juices, the gorgeous rooms and location.
The experience was a total escape. I have a tear and a smile as I leave, but will be back. Xxxxxxxxx Thank you so much”


“Total relaxation - just what I needed. Lovely house, lovely people - the most wonderful treatments ever and the juices - just divine. Thank you all for making my stay perfect. I will definitely be back”


“Just so wonderful to step into a warm and kind environment. Came empty left energised after all the laughter and pampering. When I arrived, I started feeling very warm & secure. I have had wonderful treatments and feel better physically & emotionally. I have met some lovely people and will stay in touch with them”


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